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  • GREAT FOR GUM HEALTH & ENAMEL REPAIR: A powerhouse next generation formula for gum health by harnessing the strength of Nano Hydroxyapatite (NHA)!
  • REMINERALIZES & WHITENS TEETH: Thanks to its innovative formula with Nano Hydroxyapatite (NHA), our toothpaste not only effectively cleans your teeth but also aids in the remineralization process. As a result, it improves your overall tooth enamel health and helps to brighten those pearly whites
  • 100% BIOCOMPATIBLE & DENTIST RECOMMENDED: Trust in a toothpaste that is verified by dental professionals. Free from Fluoride, Sulfates, Parabens & Artificial Flavors & Colors - we meticulously crafted our product to be 100% biocompatible, ensuring it's safe and non-toxic for daily use. A perfect way to take your oral hygiene routine to the next level!
  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE TEETH: Specially designed to cater to those with sensitive teeth. Gentle yet effective, it provides a soothing and refreshing experience without compromising on dental benefits or painful experiences. Say goodbye to sensitivity and embrace an oral care routine designed for a comfortable experience
  • TASTE THE ELA MINT FUSION: A delightful fusion of refreshing mint, antioxidant-rich green tea, with a hint of cardamom. The invigorating mint leaves your breath feeling fresh & revitalized, with just a touch of cardamom adding a unique, yet welcome twist to your brushing experience. Say goodbye to the bland & mundane - say hello to a toothpaste flavor that excites your taste buds every time you brush
  • Introducing Boka Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, a dentist-recommended solution for comprehensive oral care in both adults and kids. Formulated with Nano Hydroxyapatite, this toothpaste excels in remineralizing teeth, promoting sensitivity relief, and providing effective whitening.

    Free from fluoride, Boka prioritizes a natural approach to oral health without compromising on effectiveness. The Ela Mint Natural Flavor adds a refreshing twist to your daily dental routine, making it a delightful experience for both adults and kids.

    Our US-manufactured toothpaste is crafted with precision, ensuring quality and safety in every tube. Trust in Boka to deliver a toothpaste that not only cares for your oral health but also aligns with your preferences for a fluoride-free option.

    Elevate your dental care regimen with Boka Fluoride-Free Toothpaste and experience the power of Nano Hydroxyapatite. Order a 4oz pack now and prioritize a gentle, yet effective, approach to oral hygiene for the entire family.

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100% quality guarantee
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